Solution Bosse : Expert in paintless dent repair

  • Jean-Michel Granger – Owner

    Jean-Michel started in this profession in 1997. He received top-notch training from a person for whom he worked for 17 years, as well as from car dealers.

    In 2014, he spent more than 4 months in France after a hailstorm struck that country, and was able to refine his technique with many French, Spanish, Italian and English technicians. In 2015, another major hail event lead him to travel to Alberta and to the Gaspésie to lend a hand to the technicians there. I was able to refine my approach with them. In 2015, another hail event lead me to Alberta and to the Gaspesie to lend a hand to the technicians there.

  • Service on the road and in the workshop

    Mobile service for car dealers, body shops and car rental in the greater Montreal region and the North and South Shores.

    Montreal location for individuals located near the Anjou interchange, easily accessible from both the North and South Shores, east and west.

    If you have to take the A-25 bridge to visit us, we will credit the toll charge off the cost of your repair.

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